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Awards Coupon code to expire May 29

  • 1.  Awards Coupon code to expire May 29

    Posted 4 days ago
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    Deadline May 29, to get $20 off entering the APA Awards.

    Code: a2023Award

    You can enter as many images as you like in any of the 14 categories:

    Architecture/Interiors, Beauty/Fashion, Celebrity/Musicians, Conceptual/Altered, Corporate/Industrial, Documentary/Photojournalism, Food/Still life, Lifestyle, Nature/Animals, Personal Projects, Portrait, Sports/Adventure, Travel/Landscape, Fresh (for new work)

    Prizes from: SONY (Alpha 7R with lens), StellaPro Lights, Think Tank, Inovative, Capture One, Agency Access, Found, Blazing Editions, Wacom ++

    Contest deadline is June 26

    NOTE – you can also enter a SERIES of images 

    It is a flat rate per Series to enter (no discounts). The jurors will read your statement about the series.
    A series is 2-5 images from the same body of work. 
    You can enter up to 5  different series of images.
    We are excepting AI images in this category only (and you must declare that they are AI).
    The AI images will not be eligible for prizes but will be recognized as winners. 

    In order to enter a "SERIES", you'll be directed to another website called Picter (create an account to begin). 
    You can upload a series today, and another before the deadline, but you can only check out and pay one time.
    (Once you pay, you can't go back to add another Series as opposed on the APA website where you can come back and add entries as often as you like before the deadline). 

    Feel free to contact me with questions.  


    APA Admin