Inti St. Clair

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I'm a commercial lifestyle, travel and portrait photographer based in Austin, TX & Seattle, WA. I've spent nearly 20 years honing my bright, happy, and full of true-life-moments style. Clients include Arm & Hammer, Microsoft, Chase, Kaiser Permanente and Purina to name a few.

My love for photography is surpassed only by my passion for travel. I've circled the globe exploring and photographing in nearly 60 countries, and look forward to many more adventures to come! 

I like to think of myself as an approachable artist who shares her hard-earned knowledge wherever she goes. I love creating community, and helping fellow photographers in any way I can through serving as National President of American Photographic Artists (APA), as well as participating on the APA Diversity Committee, the APA Website Committee and the APAWellness Committee.  Outside of APA, I mentor, teach, coach, and help photographers with their portfolios so they can level up in their careers.